What NOT to Do in Mexico

December 31, 2018


Planning an escape to Mexico? Knowing what to do is certainly important but knowing what not to do is easily just as important to ensure you will fully enjoy the limitless sensory delights and visceral pleasures the country offers.  


We’ve taken some of the tips offered by Destination Tips travel website which offers smart and practical advice for intrepid adventurers to enjoy a hassle-free trip to Mexico. We read through "21 Things Not to Do in Mexico", summarized their more important tips and added our own spin. The five most important “what not to do” tips are:


Keep Your Money Safe and Don’t Flaunt


Showing off a new camera, expensive jewellery or high-tech phone on the streets

of Cancun is akin to waving a red banner saying, 'I am an easy target so feel free to rob me.' Leave your fancy toys at home and take a ‘less-is-more’ approach to blend in with the locals.


Don’t Fear the Local Cuisine


The Tips author, Stassi Reid, has more helpful suggestions for travellers. "Don’t Let Your Fear Stop You from Trying Local Specialities." Step out of your comfort zone and treat yourself to Mexico's rich tapestry of wonderful culinary experiences. "You would be missing out on one of the greatest pleasures of travel if you don’t seek to sample some authentic regional offerings, not just sanitized tourist grub." Go ahead and try the street food and market fare "as long as the facilities are clean, serve piping hot food and have a good crowd to vouch for it."


Don’t Over-do it


When you’re faced with every kind of Mexican cuisine under the sun served by thousands of restaurants peppered throughout Mexico City, the temptation to over-indulge is hard to resist. Indeed, most sicknesses amongst travellers stems from excessive eating, imbibing, and throwing good judgement out the window.


Travel website Destination Tips admonishes travellers to "go easy on the portions and pace yourself lest the gastro gods punish you for your gluttony. Piling the plate with creamy sauces, cheesy dishes and spicy salsas washed down with copious cocktails will definitely make your stomach rebel."


Drink Water


But do not the local water. Stick to bottled H2O, even when brushing your teeth, and carry enough with you to stay hydrated in the warmer weather.


Don't Over-plan


While some planning is important, over scheduling can derail any holiday. Leave room for serendipity. "That is when the magic of travel happens, not on a pre-scheduled tour bus or around the hotel pool. Get out there and explore Mexico a little. You never know when you’re going to find a cozy cafe, stumble upon a street performance or get swept up in a zocalo fiesta."


Being a brave but savvy traveller who uses cautious indulgence, while venturing boldly, but sensibly, out of your comfort zone will translate into an experience of a lifetime.


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Resource: https://www.destinationtips.com/destinations/latin-america/21-things-not-to-do-in-mexico

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