It’s All in a Name: R-I-C-A S-A-L-S-A

June 15, 2018



We want to share our feelings with you about our beloved eatery, our values behind the high-quality fare, and what is important to us as we enjoy making our customers happy day after day. Here is our raison d'etre, according to each and every letter in our name, Rica Salsa:


R is for rest, relax, and rejuvenate! Dance to our music. Revel in our food. Have fun. Pretend that you are on a sunny beach in Mexico, listening to the waves crashing on the sand while munching on a cool taco salad. Feel the rush!  


I is for Island values! People in Victoria are kind and caring by nature. When you walk through our doors, you are our treasured guest. Expect courtesy and respect. We promise to treat you like a member of our family.


C is for 'CCrrrrispy CCrrunchy' Fresh! Have you tried our Chicken Taco Salad? It is a mountain of crispy fresh flavour and goodness with tons of succulent vegetables and juicy sweet fruit, freshly made guacamole, hints of lime, savoury rice, black beans cooked to perfection, and chicken that is still warm off the roast. Our food has real, just-picked and just-chopped wonderful-ness.


A is for authentic, traditional Mexican food, just like they cook in the land of fiestas and tequila. Chef Ricardo Becerra is a real Mexican chef. When you come to our restaurant, we will serve you the best genuine Mexican food that you have ever tasted.


S is for 'Scrump-delicious'! We guarantee that you will enjoy a blissful eating experience at Rica Salsa. Our Mexican chef tenderly coaxes the maximum flavour from every ingredient. Every sauce is made to perfection, every piece of meat and chicken is spiced for optimal pleasure.


A is for 'Appreciation' of our beloved customers! We ♥ you! You keep us in business with your loyal patronage and kind reviews. Most of all, we love to serve you and make you happy. Thank you for your support over the years.


L is for 'Love and Passion'! Food soaks up the passions and spirit of the cook. When you are smitten by the ambrosial tastes of Ricardo's Mexican fare, you are tasting the love that he puts into it. Ricardo cooks with passion, with a deep infatuation for his art.


S is for 'savoury-ness'! The first thing that you will notice with Ricardo's balmy black bean paste is its warm mellow flavour - it literally oozes the feel of sunshine drenching a meadow of ripe beans. It also has a creamy sweetness that is impossible to forget. Chef Ricardo's food will storm your taste-buds with every sumptuous flavour under the sun.


A, B, C are for health-building vitamins. Our authentic Mexican food is chock full of nutrition and goodness -- red cabbage, tomatoes, pineapple, red, yellow, and green peppers and sweet guacamole made of avocados, nature's perfect food with nearly 20 essential nutrients.


Please visit us soon!

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