New Year Traditions in Mexico

December 31, 2016



Whatever traditions you like to observe for the holidays, we're sharing some of ours and we invite you to try a few of them this New Year Eve.

While your usual tradition is to give your loved one a kiss on the stroke of midnight, many Mexican families will be eating 12 grapes – one for each of the 12 clock chimes of midnight on December 31st. Each grape is an opportunity to make a wish. If you decide to try it, you can still get that kiss in after the 12th grape!

While you’re busy reveling, some Mexicans are cleaning their houses before midnight! New Years is a time for dusting out rarely visited corners and mopping the floors with water and cinnamon in a ritual of new beginnings and renewal. Some families throw away the cleaning implements when they’re done with them. Others carry a bucket of water through each room of the house to symbolically collect the negative energy, then out the water out the window to symbolize throwing out the old year and welcoming in the new.

A fun and sexy tradition growing among the younger generation involves wearing brand-new lingerie or underwear of certain colours on New Year’s Eve. Different colours signify your desire to attract certain blessings; wear red underwear for love and passion, yellow underwear for prosperity and happiness, green for wealth and well-being and white for hope and peace.

Lentils are a big part of Latin American tradition believed to attract prosperity and money. Lentils must be placed in your pockets and in all places in which you’d like to see money in abundance. Some start carrying lentils as early as a week before New Year’s Eve. An elegant version of this tradition is to place the biggest and brightest lentils in a bowl to create an attractive display in your home.

Mexicans love to travel, but then, who doesn’t? If you want your dream trip to come true, try placing an empty suitcase in the middle of the room during your New Year’s party, or walk seven times in circles carrying a suitcase around the room. If that just seems too silly to you, try walking around your block with an empty suitcase. You’ll get a little exercise, and you just might see that dream trip come to fruition sooner than you expected!

In a ritual of prosperity, many Latin American families toast the end of the year and the beginning of the next with a glass of champagne containing a small golden object such as a ring, coin, or chain. In keeping with the


 tradition, we’re raising a gold-filled glass of champagne to you, our friends, families and customers, and we’re wishing you much health, wealth and prosperity in 2017!

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